SPIZ Testimonials

Hey Randy,


I wanted to let you know that I completed my first 100 mile run

(the Rio del Lago 100) last weekend, and ran almost the entire race on SPIZ

It absolutely did the trick as I supplemented it with food to take in

350 to 400 cal per hour. I remained lucid and happy throughout the entire 28

hours. My crew told me I was the happiest person they had ever supported, and

credited my nutrition as cause.


One minor note, I just had a physical that showed minor liver irritation. My

transaminases - AST and ALT - numbers were double their normal level. However,

my doctor is not alarmed and if this were hepatitis they would be about 20 times

the normal level. He simply wants me to repeat the blood test in a week,

figuring that it was probably the stress of the race.

I just wanted to let you know as I know you pay careful attention. I will let

you know how the follow-on test goes.


By the way, everyone in my running circle knows I used SPIZ as I couldn't stop

talking about how great I think your product is. I believe you should see an

increase in orders from this area once my friends find out whether

they got accepted into Western States. Certainly, my container is now almost

empty after Rio so I will be ordering more once my running kicks back into gear.


Thanks, Randy,


Dan Foley

Regional Sales Manager-Northwest US

Hi Randy,


It seems like you want to hear from customers about how they use SPIZ.  I use Spiz for my long bike commute, I discovered SPIZ because you had samples after an organized ride I did many years ago. My husband recently finished chemo and radiation for throat cancer and about 6 weeks into treatment he was no longer eating solid food. The doctors and therapists kept pushing Boost, but I didn't like the ingredients in that stuff so I suggested SPIZ mixed with whole milk (extra calories and protein and even tastier). My husband has been surviving on this for about 7 weeks now. He's slowly starting to recover and eat some solid food but I'm pretty sure we have SPIZ to thank for his not needing a feeding tube or ending up with diabetes (sugar is the main ingredient in Boost). I took empty SPIZ containers and samples to the nutritionist and the swallow therapist, they were very interested in trying it. They're always looking for new suggestions for patients.





Just finished running my 3rd 50 mile race. In both of the first two events I has stomach issues that cause multiple "system resets".


In this race Spiz accounted for more than 90% of my calorie intake. I finished over 1-1/2 hours faster than last year with no issues. I will be ordering more to assist with my 1st attempt at 100 miles at Leadville in 6 weeks.


-Kurt H.

Hey Randy,


Short story: I am convinced.


Long story: I did Norway's premier long distance bike race last weekend and decided to put Spiz to the test after some initial trial runs on the trainer in my basement. I packed 8 small bags of 4 scoops each and put in my pockets, and decided to go with Spiz only until I ran out.


The first tastes I had of vanilla and chocolate on the trainer left me thinking that I could always live with the taste so long as the product works, but my girlfriend suggested that I use higher concentrations, which tasted better.


The race took me 19 hours to complete, and I used Spiz exclusively for the first 15. At that point I ran out and had to supplement with bars and gels, but until that point I was riding happily with Spiz. A few missed water station stops meant I probably didn't drink enough, and that also affected my energy levels, though through no fault of Spiz'.


The taste grew on me. In the end I was looking forward to each mouthful and relished in the chocolate and vanilla taste. I was somewhat incredulous that this was the same drink I had tried on the trainer a week and a half earlier.


In conclusion, I think there is a market in Norway for Spiz, both in ultra cycling, cross country skiing and long distance running. The triathlete community should embrace this wholeheartedly.


I would very much like to distribute Spiz in Scandinavia.

Do you have any suggestions on pricing?

Also, is Spiz suitable for vegans?

(looks like it from the ingredients list, but I want to make sure)





Interesting story, spiz has been great for my rides, but oddly enough I came down with a terrible throat infection a week ago and have not been able to eat, the only way I've been able to get calories into me is spiz!




I just returned from Death Valley where I was on Ed Hensley's support crew. Ed cycled from Badwater (lowest point in Continental U.S.) to Whitley Portal, which is the trail head for Mt. Whitley (highest point in continental U.S.). During the event which started at 1420 on Thursday and ended on Friday at 0553, Ed was fueled almost exclusively by SPIZ. During the event, he consumed a whole canister which allowed him to complete the 143 miles trip and extreme climates. I'm convinced, I want to try some! Thanks!


- Gerry M.




I am an ultrarunner and I just ran my first 100 mile trail

attempt at the Headlands Hundred. I used only Spitz, I ran a 24 hour pace in 10th place all day and at mile 91 and 24 hours into it I could no longer pick my right foot up, so I had no choice but to drop. However my comments are that I was the only person using Spitz. Even though I ran my self out that day, using Spitz as a recovery drink just after the effort helped my recover after 48 hours. Really that is more amazing than the run itself.


-Andrew W.

Alameda, CA



Spiz kept me from boinking big time on a 4 day, 475 mile ride from SF to LA along Hwy 1 (via Big Sur). Total ascent ended up 33,000 ft on my gps so this was not a flat ride. I used 2 containers to supplement my regular food intake.


I am at a very cycling active gym and when I came back from my vacation, with only losing about 2 lbs, people were asking me what I was doing. I gave one of my friends who was looking for something to replace hammer gel one of my extra canisters. She knows most of the distance people in town. She was pretty amazed reading the contents.


I am very happy with your product, especially not having any "junk" in it. I won't even list the things I have tried. At home here, most products are just are not appropriate due to the high temperatures. Any stomach load is too much in the heat. It is 100 degrees + here in the summer and I often get 112-115 out on the roads with a heat index from 125- 135 due to the 40-50% humidity. Last summer there where days we had a higher heat index than in Baghdad.


-E. Naylor

Austin, Texas



Pending certification by UMCA, looks like my crew and I set the Wa State East-West record this past weekend, 462 miles in 33hr, 38min., avg. speed 13.7. Still tallying all the numbers, but looks like a pound and a half of Spiz, plus a bunch of tuna sandwiches.



Washington State



I am geared up for the 24 hour race. SPIZ is rocking! Finished a single on Saturday and then a double on Sunday and lost less than a pound of body weight. Normally, I was losing 10 pounds of water weight.


-Justin R.




The chocolate SPIZ is incredible….it ROCKS! Warm or cold doesn’t matter, it goes down, stays down and gets the job done. Got my husband turned onto it also…so now I am ordering it by the case from TriSports.com! Thanks for an incredible product.


-Paula E.




A few of you asked me about information on SPIZ. SPIZ comes in canisters of powder. SPIZ mixes with water, that’s it. I put 5 scoops in water bottle, each scoop being roughly 125 Calories. It dissolves easily and tastes like Yoo-Hoo. Seriously! You will not have to choke down SPIZ. I have never tried the vanilla, however, I do mix it 50-50 with the chocolate and its excellent! One of the best things about SPIZ when considering your endurance race nutrition needs…. No refrigeration is required. It tastes better cool, but if you toss a bottle in your special needs bag, you need not worry about it spoiling in the sun. An added benefit in the winter months is that SPIZ lowers the freezing point in water, so on those cold off-season mountain bike rides you have easy fuel while everyone else is chipping their teeth on bars that have frozen in their pockets!


-Kenneth O.


SPIZ is by far the very best athletic endurance sports drink I have ever used on every level. I can not find a way to make it bother my stomach at any concentration. The most important part of a drink is TASTE. The chocolate is amazing and is great warm in a bike bottle or ice cold using only water. I will try almond milk soon.


Randy at SPIZ is a wicked nice guy and will answer every question and inform you how to best use SPIZ. I have worked with many companies that make similar products, even custom drink blends. SPIZ is the ONLY company that takes as much time as I needed to makes sure I have every benefit from the drink.


It is scary how good I feel when I drink it. I have higher wattage on my meter, lower heart rate, I have more muscle, lower perceived effort, faster recovery and ZERO CRAMPS. SPIZ is truly the best you can get and very under priced for how amazing it is.


I have used it while swimming, biking and running at all distances. I have also used it while lifting. I use SPIZ before a very long workout with a good breakfast, during the session and after. Never before has a product like this performed at a level that makes want to never go easy while I train.


During long hot endurance sessions of endless hills SPIZ is perfect. I have stopped using all gels and pills during a race or training. I do snack on bars since they do taste good. I have never wanted to keep a drink a secret before but I seem to tell all my training partners. I don't see the need to buy any other product but SPIZ for any distance or any kind of race. I have used it during a 17hr hike over major 14,000' peaks in Colorado as my sole fuel source.


If I want to perform at my best everyday I train then I will always keep SPIZ in my bottle. Winning races has become a great standard to keep. SPIZ IS THE BEST YOU CAN GET!!!


-Andrew Gillman - US Pro triathlete




I liked the SPIZ a lot! I did a 5 hour ride with it the last two Saturdays and it worked great. It will sure make my Ironman race a lot more enjoyable. Thanks again!


-Paul S.


I wanted to say thank you! I compete in Ironman Triathlons and have finally found nutrition that works. Before trying Spiz I'd find myself bonking a few miles into my run. Needless to say, it was frustrating. On a century ride this past winter a friend suggested I try Spiz. It was incredible! I felt energized the entire ride...what a relief! I just finished IMAZ last week, and the temperature there was 95*. The attrition rate was ~ 25% because of the extreme conditions. While many of my friends and fellow athletes got sick during the ride and run, I am happy to say I did not. Thank you for making such a great tasting, reliable product!!


-Lindsay Q.

Beaverton, OR



Dear Randy,


First I wanted to tank you for sponsoring our riding team by allowing us to buy SPIZ at wholesale pricing for a year!


I was just going to pass on a story that may be of interest to you. As you are aware Joe V. had approached you to support our cycling team. What you may not be aware of is why Joe is so pro “SPIZ”… as Paul Harvey would say “this is the rest of the Story.”


Joe is an avid cyclist who typically puts in four days of cycling a week and most likely averages 150 miles a week. Joe is about 6’1” tall and weighs in at approximately 155 pounds. As you can imagine Joe is a good climber, but always had trouble with the longer rides and especially in the longer races. I am Joe’s same height but weigh in at 190 pounds….needless to say I can’t climb with Joe unless he lets me keep up. However, I would routinely beat Joe on the races, even though I didn’t ride as much and outweighed him?


Finally, after watching Joe bonk a number of times, we convinced Joe to try SPIZ. Huge mistake for me! It seems that Joe’s biggest problem was that he was not fueling correctly and once he started using SPIZ he began whipping me in races. He always had used Accelerade and a number of other products, but as Joe will attest, he didn’t put the whole package together until he discovered SPIZ.


One last point. I am a business owner (designing and manufacturing avionics equipment for aircraft) and am always curious as to how people heard about my product. I will let you know that I was reading an article a couple of years ago in “Tail Winds” a Tucson running and cycling newspaper. The article did a comparison between a number of different sports/endurance drinks (SPIZ, Accelerade, Gatorade and a couple of other drinks}. All the participants w/o exception had good comments regarding SPIZ. I decided to try it and I can tell you that it is all I use and have used for the last couple of years is SPIZ. As a business owner I really like what editorials can do for your product and I can tell you that our team is sold on your product.


Thanks again for the support and especially for making such a fine product.


-Mark L.


A patient recently introduced me to your SPIZ energy drink and I was very impressed with the quality, taste and performance. We are often asked about performance supplement recommendations and thought this would be great to promote to our patients and athletes to enhance the rehab process.


We will display any product information you provide and allow out patients /athletes to see/try the samples (we will pre-mix and and put in sample sized cups). We sell about 750 patients per week. We will also provide info. on how to order from your website. Thanks for allowing us to promote your products.


-Jeff Hill, DPT, MA, CSCS, Director

CaroMont Rehab and Sports Medicine, Gastonia, NC



I love your product by the way, having tested many others on the market, I have found SPIZ to be by far the best. Last year I did the Aids/Lifecycle using only SPIZ, and as a Training Ride Leader I promoted it to all of my riders.


-Ben A.




Had to let you know the SPIZ is awesome. I’ve tried it just three times and notice my energy is there at the end. Rode two hours yesterday and got to my finish point and could have easily rode two more! Felt great that evening and recovery today feels good too. One of the other times I rode two hours, hammering pretty hard, and was scheduled to finish up with a short 10-15 minute run, just enough to practice transitioning and shake the legs out. I ran for 30 minutes and could have done 30 more. I know it’s the SPIZ!! I turned my nephew on the stuff too. He plays volleyball all day and I suggested he try the SPIZ and maybe a piece of fruit instead of the Diet Coke and Girl Scout cookies he had been doing.


-Kevin S.




I do a lot of bike riding and I've found SPIZ to be very effective at helping me avoid cramps and the dreaded bonking. One of the things I like about it is that it's not too sweet, like some of the other drink mixes, so I use it almost exclusively now.


-Kerry L.

Jackson, Michigan



Oh my Gawd! I placed my order for SPIZ yesterday and it was on my doorstep today! Nobody offers that kind of service!


-Kathleen M-T


SPIZ is great. On long rides I alternate between SPIZ and a light drink mix. At first I thought the chocolate tasted a bit weird, but then I grew to like it. Then again, I love anything chocolate. Other drink mixes are either too sweet or don’t give enough calories to upset my stomach. SPIZ is consistently good for me.


-Ron S.




Sure, I experimented with Spiz in the Wildflower long course triathlon this weekend and first used it in another half-iron distance tri two weeks ago. Wow, best performances ever, with energy to spare. I'm sold on it and have already passed word on about it to others. Thanks for being out there!






I have been using SPIZ for over a year now and think it is a great product. I has greatly improved my performance on training rides and helped me to finish strong on Century rides instead of bonking at 75 miles. I am a member of Cycling Connection based in the Inland Empire and I have always recommended your product to our club members.


-Billy C.




I was extremely pleased with the effects of SPIZ on my first IM Triathlon. SPIZ gave me everything I needed to endure the race while not upsetting my stomach.


-Diana D.




I tell everyone I train with out with your product. I truly believe it is the best thing out there. My wife and I have been racing Ironman distance triathlons for 5 years now and use SPIZ on all our training days and races. We have never had a problem with “bonking” or GI distress. We are more than happy to spread the word.


-Howard J.




I have been using SPIZ for about 1 year. I have learned to tailor the concentration to my needs and the length of the race. In this year, I credit SPIZ to helping me win the Mas O Menos 100K Mountain Bike Race, 12 hours of dirt mountain bike race, and the Sprint Adventure National Championships. I appreciate you getting our recent SPIZ order out to us so quickly. Our order arrived in plenty of time for my three teammates to train with before the Florida Coast to Coast race. They were hooked. We all raced the Florida C2C with SPIZ to fulfill our primary nutrition needs. All of us were strong during the race from start to finish. We won in 47 hours, which was by a four hour margin. Another victory for me and SPIZ!


-Leslie R.




Randy - a HUGE THANK YOU! I NEVER would have made the last 100 miles without the Spiz - I was sucking down 500 calorie bottles for the duration coming out of TS 4. Details on my blog www.raamboundcyclist.space.live.com and also on the Race Across Oregon website.


-Ross M.

Oregon, USA



I love SPIZ - everyone I work with has had some, and they keep coming back for more.




While I know that SPIZ is mostly familiar to bicycle racers and triathletes, I can testify to my success with SPIZ-both in preparation for and during a marathon. More and more over the years I have gradually phased out all use of gels and conventional sports drinks and now concentrate on SPIZ and SPIZ alone. Amazing, excellent product!


-George M.

Marathon Runner



I tried SPIZ that you sent me this morning for my marathon. I mixed the chocolate and vanilla with soy milk and it tasted fantastic. It sat well in my stomach and had no stomach issue. I am going to order more. Thanks again for SPIZ!


-Mun P.

Marathon Runner



True Story, for the past 2 1/2 years I have had an irregular heart beat. Since I have been drinking SPIZ, the heart rate has settled down. I have suspected all along the arrhythmia was caused by some sort of nutritional / stress component, but the doctors just want to put you on rat poison and load you up with pills. I did the coumadin thing for a short time but didn't like what it was doing to my body. I have been trying vitamins, minerals, nuts, bananas, less mileage on the bike, etc. Nothing has had such a dramatic effect on the arrhythmia except SPIZ. So far, I have been taking four scoops twice daily and one regular meal with lots of veggies in between.


-Gerry M.






I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know the recent success I had with Spiz. Pete Penseyres introduced us to Spiz last year as we were a part of the North Coast Cycling RAAM team. I used your product exclusively for 5 days in RAAM with great success. This year I have continued to use up my stash from last year for selected recovery shakes after hard rides and most recently at Ironman Lake Placid. I used Spiz instead of solid food the evening before, the morning of the race before the swim and immediately following the race as recovery.


It was perfect. I had no problems whatsoever during the day and felt that I was strong due to a solid nutrition plan. I placed 5th in the competitive M30-34 age group and secured my spot to Kona. In Kona in October, I plan on using Spiz again before and after the race. Thanks again for sponsoring us last year in RAAM and you have a believer in your product.


-Nick Bokhoven

DPR Construction



Amazing, excellent product!!


-George M.




Back for more of this wonderful life-giving food. I haven't felt this

good, or had this much energy in a very long time! It's wonderful to feel so good again, and amazing to finally stop losing weight every time I turn around! I have gained 5lbs and kept it on this time, which for me is HUGE!!!


Normally I gain 2 and lose 4 but not with SPIZ flowing through my veins - I gain and keep it! I no longer look like a skeleton

and it's thanks to you and your delicious product I just can't get enough of.


Thank you thank you thank you, I can finally believe I might get back to a normal weight. And get to enjoy the ride too. lol This is the best tasting drink and I look forward to it every time I fix a large glassful!



Ord, NE

I've been spreading the word about SPIZ over here Down Under and have introduced more and more endurance athletes to seeing the benefits of SPIZ.

I have also led by example, putting SPIZ to some tough tests in some fairly brutal endurance events this year:


Earlier in the year I participated in a 24 hour treadmill race in a store

window as a promotion for the North Face outdoor company that was opening a new store in Melbourne. Three of us raced each other on separate treadmills and I won the event with a total of 245.92 kilometres or 152.84 miles, which is the third biggest 24 hour treadmill total in the world and only 1.7K (about 1 mile) short of the World record. I could not hold down any solids and did the whole run on Spiz. My energy levels and hydration were

awesome throughout the whole event.


Recently I gave SPIZ another tough workout in the Australian 48 hour track Championships. Again I used SPIZ as a primary source of fuel for the greater part of the event and ended up running a new Australian born 48 hr running record of 393.504K (244.55 miles), which ranks me 4th in the World for 2008 at this duration of event.


The proof is in the results- all I need you to do is make up another flavor or two so I can get more taste variety.


- Dr Martin Fryer

Woden, ACT / Principal Toxicologist



Well, Marcy and I completed our first 100 mile ultra two weeks ago with better-than-expected results. She finished at 22:42 and I was just under 20 hours. Once again, SPIZ came through for us. Although the Vermont 100 is possibly the best stocked ultra out there, with aid stations every 2-4 miles, I subsisted almost entirely on 1/2 serving of SPIZ every 8-10 miles. Never was lack of energy a problem for me. Marcy's story is much the same. SPIZ rules!


-John and Marcy B




I really think your product is great. I swear that stuff has something magic in it. When I drink it at mile 150 on a double, I feel like someone gave me a new set of legs.


-Russ S.

Santa Clara, CA



Your product is helping me train in an upcoming swim from Santa Cruz Island to Santa Barbara and the English Channel in September. Next possibly the Farallons to San Francisco?


-El Sharko aka Chris B.




My daughter had jaw surgery and has had her jaw wired shut. She is using SPIZ and it seems to be doing a better job of keeping her feeling well than the last time when we used Ensure and Boost. We told the oral surgeon about it and he would like some information to pass on to other patients. Please send me something to share with him. Thanks.


-Paul J




SPIZ is awesome!


-Roberta C.




I just want to let you know that I love your product. Taken me to the finish line on Four Ironman Races and countless 1/2 Ironmans. Last year after a Triathelon Camp, I used one of the "other" products. It couldn't hold a candle to SPIZ. Not even close! I bought a tub of it, used it twice and threw it away. I'm sticking with your product for sure. Thanks!


-Kenneth O.




Thanks for your help expediting the last SPIZ order. I started using SPIZ this year and have finally found something that works for me. I have done an IM and ½ IM this year and for the first time not had any stomach problems.


-Ashwin D.




I've been spreading the word about SPIZ over here Down Under and have introduced more and more endurance athletes to seeing the benefits of SPIZ.

I have also led by example, putting SPIZ to some tough tests in some fairly brutal endurance events this year:


Earlier in the year I participated in a 24 hour treadmill race in a store

window as a promotion for the North Face outdoor company that was opening a new store in Melbourne. Three of us raced each other on separate treadmills and I won the event with a total of 245.92 kilometres or 152.84 miles, which is the third biggest 24 hour treadmill total in the world and only 1.7K (about 1 mile) short of the World record. I could not hold down any solids and did the whole run on Spiz. My energy levels and hydration were awesome throughout the whole event.


Recently I gave SPIZ another tough workout in the Australian 48 hour track Championships. Again I used SPIZ as a primary source of fuel for the greater part of the event and ended up running a new Australian born 48 hr running record of 393.504K (244.55 miles), which ranks me 4th in the World for 2008 at this duration of event.


The proof is in the results-all I need you to do is make up another flavour or two so I can get more taste variety.


-Dr. Martin Fryer

WODEN, ACT Principal Toxicologist



The SPIZ is great! I used it a few weeks ago on a very hot 80 mile ride that included Palomar Mountain East Grade. I actually felt good when I finished.


-Michelle O.




In training, I usually feel the need for supplemental nutrition (1) during interval workouts, (2) during long training runs, and (3) for recovery after hard efforts-and in all three cases I rely only on SPIZ. In the marathons themselves, I’ve developed the following routine which enables me to finish regularly in the top three of my age division (65-69) with times in the 3:40’s. I drink a juice smoothie with 4 scoops of SPIZ on marathon mornings. I consume nothing else before the race. Then during the race I drink one 24 ounce bottle of water with 4 scoops in the first half and the same in the second half, with occasional pauses at aid stations for plain water. After the race I have another bottle of water with 4 scoops for recovery. Usually along with some fruit this is all I’ve eaten before the awards ceremony – and I’m feeling better already. Being free of gels is hugely liberating fro me, and those sugar drinks never worked for me, but the best part is the performance and recovery.


-Phil D.

Marathon Runner





Completed my first Texas Water Safari last month and my first use of SPIZ. It was great! Next year I'll be going with more SPIZ and less energy bar type fuel. Got sick of energy bars. Never got tired of the SPIZ.


David Lill

Happy to say that I had a great ride today using spiz, I ride about 100 (ish) miles per week, usually in 40-50 mile increments, and am going to start training for the honolulu century ride in a few weeks. I'm a pretty big guy and have been looking for something that can equal out the huge burn that results from longer rides, and eating 5-8 gel packets is just a huge pain for me.






SPIZ is continuing to work great for my ultra-running events. Have gotten several friends here in Marin using it.


-Randall G.




Hello there! I have previously ordered a number of cases of SPIZ and really believe in the product. My training partner and I were recently in Wisconsin training for Ironman Brazil and Ironman Wisconsin. We used your product and felt it was nothing short of rocket fuel! How can we become distributors in Winnipeg Canada where we live?


-Jamie B.

Ironman Contestant



Got back from Italy in one piece, and as usual SPIZ didn’t let me down. The race course was beautiful, but the weather was brutal. It was in the 80’s at 8:00 AM and climbed into the 90’s as the day went on. I started with one serving an hour before the race, then had one big bike bottle with me on the bike portion. There were not enough water stops, so I got the worst leg cramps I have ever had. When I got off the bike I carried another serving of SPIZ with me and drank it during the 5.5 kilometer loop. I got through the last loop and finished 7th out of 24 in my (45-49) age group and 65/400 overall. SPIZ gave me the energy to get through it. If only the promised race support had been there, but everybody else had to deal with it as well and there were a lot of DNF’s. SPIZ kept me in the race.


-Walt B.




I liked the SPIZ a lot! I did a 5 hour ride with it the last two Saturdays and it worked great. It will sure make my Ironman race a lot more enjoyable. Thanks again!


-Paul S.




Research suggests that consuming a small amount of protein, preferably one gram for every 4-7 grams of carbohydrate, may help spare muscle glycogen by as much as 25%. With over 500 Calories per serving, SPIZ contains a desirable 5:1 ratio of carbohydrate to protein, along with a cocktail of electrolytes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals designed to fuel metabolism during intense endurance training. Because complex carbohydrates, specifically maltodextrin, is used as the primary source of sugar, SPIZ can be mixed at high concentrations without inhibiting fluid absorption and otherwise triggering muscle cramping and stomach sensitivities.


-Kim Brown M.S.




Hey Randy,


Just wanted update you on how I have been going with Spiz....

Its been a while & I should have emailed you earlier but so much has

been happening..

Anyway.. I completed two 50 mile ultras in San Diego late last year &

then started my focus back on the Tri Season.

Here are my recent performances...




* Mar Gran Fondo 100 mile Cycle Race, San Diego, CA USA 1st

* Mar Illawarra Triathlon Club Race, Wollongong, NSW AUS 1st

* May Spring Sprint Triathlon, Mission Bay, CA USA 1st

* May Big Rock Olympic Distance Triathlon, Lake Peris, CA USA 1st




* Aug San Diego Club Triathlon, San Diego CA USA 1st

* Aug Imperial Beach Triathlon, Imperial Beach CA USA 1st

* Sep Noble Canyon 50km mountain run, CA USA 4th


Loving the Spiz & highly recommend it to everyone.


I just moved back to Australia & have started a business here based

around multisport coaching & Personal Training. We have a studio

where we do training out of as well & we can sell products out of there.


-Nathan A'Bell

ProFit Health Solutions www.pro-fit-health.com



Just wanted to let you know how great your product is. I use it for ultrarunning. My daughter is teaching in Rwanda and has several bouts of amoebisis. SPIZ was the only drink she could tolerate. We are visiting her next month so I am taking some more. Thanks so much.


-Lynda C.




I am geared up for the 24 hour race. SPIZ is rocking! Finished a single on Saturday and then a double on Sunday and lost less than a pound of body weight. Normally, I was losing 10 pounds of water weight.


-Justin R.




I used SPIZ to help me qualify for the World Duathalon Championships, now I’m taking it to Italy with me next week to race there.


- Walter B.

Endurance Athlete



Hello Mr. Ice,


My name is Anthony Brantley; I’m an ultra runner and a long time user of your product Spiz. I’m writing to thank for your product to let you know that it again helped me to perform at my best.


I recently ran the Western States 100 mile Endurance Run for the third time. I used Spiz for the entire event from breakfast to mile 97. Spiz was my main source of calories for the entire event. Using Spiz I never had an issue with my stomach shutting down. I was able to take in calories without worry. My finish time of 21:36 was a PR for me at the 100 mile distance.


Your product has proven it self to for me for years now, I wanted to say thanks.

I am also putting on a new trail ½ marathon and 10K race this year in Cool California, (http://runthedamnhalf.com/Damn_Run/Welcome.html). If you are interested in being listed as a sponsor please let me know. I would like to raise the awareness of your product in the area.


Anthony Brantley



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